RAFA World Water Day & World Forests Day Festival

Education and Culture Shine in the First World Water Day & World Forest Day Festival

We are delighted to have celebrated our first World Water Day and World Forest Day Festival (Feria del Dia Mundial de Agua y Bosques) on March 23rd in Tres Equis de Turrialba. RAFA organized the event with the Barbilla-Destierro Biological Subcorridor Paso del Jaguar and the Citizen Water Observatory (OCA) Rio Pacuare Turrialba-Siquirres.

We shared a fun-filled day of dynamic learning, community, and cultural presentations. About 200 students and adults from Linda Vista, Bajos del Tigre, San Antonio, Tres Equis, Mojellones, and Cairo participated. We also welcomed students from UNED Siquirres and the University of Costa Rica (UCR) in Limon. We are grateful to our financial sponsors: Terra Reserve, Rios Lodge, P. H. Reventazón ICE, Böëna Wilderness Lodges, and Finca Tres Equis.

Festival-goers enjoy interactive environmental education activities

The morning began with bird watching at Finca Tres Equis, led by Mercedes Alpizar from the Los Niños Y Las Aves (Kids & Birds) program and Vanessa Fallas from the Costa Rica National Alliance of Rivers and Watersheds.

We then moved locations to the Tres Equis community center for a full program of interactive environmental education talks, storytelling, and games.

  • At the Barbilla-Destierro Biological Subcorridor stand, people learned about the importance of keeping wild animals in their natural habitats and why it is illegal to hunt, steal, and sell them.
  • Representatives from ICE (Costa Rica’s electrical company) showed how a hydroelectric dam works and the importance of reforestation and planting to prevent soil erosion and maintain clean water.
  • Pacuare Lodge – Böëna Wilderness Lodges inspired participants with their jaguar conservation program using camera traps.
  • RAFA showed people how to plant a tree and educated them about native tree species and why reforestation is vital for biological corridors.
  • Participants learned about biosphere reserves and bird species monitoring with the Costa Rica National Alliance of Rivers and Watersheds.
  • The community group Herpeto Caribe taught people about snakes and their benefits in our ecosystems.

We enjoyed exciting musical performances by the high school folkloric group Iriria Tsôkölpa from Guacimo, Caribbean reggae artist Carlos Araya, and the colorful folkloric dance group from the University of Costa Rica, Limon. And let’s not forget the delicious lunch from Vivero y Rancho los Gavilanes!

Be sure to join us next year for the second annual World Water Day and World Forest Day Festival (Feria del Dia Mundial de Agua y Bosques)!


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