¡Bienvenido al Proyecto RAFA!

Este sitio web es para compartir dos objetivos y causas con usted.

  1. Bringing Rafael Gallo home from the U.S. using the safest form of air travel possible. Rafa has been in the U.S. for the past several months undergoing extensive cancer treatments for prostate cancer. His family, friends and colleagues want to help him get back to Costa Rica as soon as his last chemotherapy session, which is in early July. Please donate to get Rafa home.
  2. The creation of a fund designed to help Rafa continue his lifetime of work preserving wild places and improving the adventure travel industry. In doing these things, Rafa has helped make communities around the world better places for people and nature. Please donate so he can continue his invaluable work.

Rafael Gallo

¡Done al Proyecto RAFA!

Rios y Aventuras mas Fuerte Ahora/Rivers and Adventures Stronger Now.

¡Done ahora!

Please share this effort with as many friends and colleagues as possible. We need your help. This portion of the fundraising campaign ends on June 20.

Project RAFA will use funds to protect and preserve natural areas – such as Rafa’s beloved Pacuare River and rain forests in Costa Rica – through conservation efforts and through building wise-use economies via adventure travel. While the exact nature of this project is still taking shape, we know that Rafa will direct it in a responsible, powerful, and peaceful way in order to bring benefit to countless others and future generations.



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