Just in time for Christmas, RAFA can accept donations!

Thank you for your patience and understanding in the long wait to give to the Rivers and Forests Alliance (RAFA). We have good news – the wait is over, and just in time for Christmas! If you’d like to give a gift to the planet this holiday season or need an end-of-the-tax-year deduction (if you’re in the U.S.), now we have a way for you to do so.

As a fully-registered Costa Rican nonprofit organization, we now have a bank account with BCT bank in Costa Rica (more info coming soon on our website). And for all of our friends in other countries, we are thrilled to announce our affiliation with Amigos of Costa Rica, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to connect global resources to Costa Rican organizations.

Through Amigos of Costa Rica, you can donate to RAFA via Zelle, wire transfer, check, credit card, PayPal, and stock transfers. Donations made to Amigos of Costa Rica are eligible for a tax deduction in the United States. See specific instructions below for how to do this.

Your contribution of any size makes a real difference for the Pacuare River Basin, the rainforest, and all the animals that live here. Healthy rivers and forests are essential for human health and well-being, preserving biodiversity, regulating the climate, and regenerating our planet.

At the Rivers and Forests Alliance, we work with local communities to protect, preserve, and restore rivers and forests in Costa Rica, principally the Pacuare River Basin. This iconic river forms a crucial connection in the network of biological corridors in the Talamanca Mountains, namely the Jaguar Corridor.

What your donations will go toward in 2023:

  • We will be able to continue planting trees to restore lost forest connectivity, restoring habitat for animals like endangered jaguars and Great Green Macaws.
  • We plan to implement a water quality monitoring program to understand the environmental health and status of the Pacuare River and its tributaries to further sustainable management practices in the watershed.
  • Our 2nd annual Festival RAFA at the end of April in honor of Earth Day unites the community in conservation for the Pacuare River Basin with environmental education activities, a large tree planting, and a community rafting trip to celebrate the river.
  • We aim to create a Guardians of the Pacuare program, partnering with local communities and the rafting & ecolodge companies operating on the Pacuare to advance conservation practices.
  • We will finish a project to map the Pacuare River Basin that is in the beginning stages.

Thank you for your continued support of RAFA and our mission. We wish you and your loved ones a holiday season full of warmth and love, and we hope 2023 brings you much health, happiness, and prosperity!

Thank you for joining us in creating a better future for our planet.

How to donate to RAFA through Amigos of Costa Rica

Amigos of Costa Rica can accept donations via Zelle, wire transfer, check, credit card, PayPal, and stock transfers – this is our order of preference to avoid high fee deductions. Donors are eligible to receive a tax deduction in the United States.

For your reference, the official name registered with the US Government is Amigos of Costa Rica, Inc., and the tax ID number or EIN is 31-1714653.

Donations by Zelle

Amigos of Costa Rica accepts payments via Zelle to the email address emily@amigosofcostarica.org. Please note in the memo line that your donation is for RAFA. Please email Executive Director Emily Arnold at that email address with your contact information so she can provide a receipt.

Donations by Wire Transfer

If you would like to donate via wire transfer, please advise Amigos of Costa Rica by emailing emily@amigosofcostarica.org to indicate your intention to wire funds as a donation for RAFA.

  • Amigos of Costa Rica, Inc
  • Wells Fargo
  • Routing: 121000248
  • Electronic Payments: 031000503
  • Acct: (please contact Emily at emily@amigosofcostarica.org for the account number)
  • Swift WFBIUS6S
Donations by Check

Please make checks payable to “Amigos of Costa Rica” and mail them to the address below. Please note that the donation is for RAFA in the “memo” area. Also, please include a note with your name and return address so that Executive Director Emily Arnold can send you a receipt.

Amigos of Costa Rica, PO Box 748, West Chester, PA 19380

Donations by Credit Cards

You can donate with a credit card at https://www.amigosofcostarica.org/affiliates/rafa. Please note that there are credit card processing fees that reduce the amount that RAFA receives.

Donations by PayPal

You can donate via PayPal at https://www.amigosofcostarica.org/affiliates/rafa. Please note that there are processing fees that reduce the amount that RAFA receives.

Donations of Stock

Donors may donate stock directly to the Amigos of Costa Rica Charles Schwab account. Upon receiving, the stock will be sold as soon as possible, and then the funds will be sent to the Amigos of Costa Rica bank account to be processed and distributed to RAFA. If you will be donating stock, please email Executive Director Emily Arnold at emily@amigosofcostarica.org to advise her of your incoming donation and that it is for RAFA.

  • Amigos of Costa Rica, Inc
  • Account: 3065-9039.
  • DTC # 0164, code 40

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