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RAFA Plans Carbon Offset Tree Planting for February 2022

We’ve received our first formal request at the Rivers and Forests Alliance to do a carbon offset reforestation campaign!

A U.S. company filming an adventure show recently in Costa Rica contacted RAFA to help them offset the carbon emissions of their activities.

RAFA will plant 1,000 trees on Feb. 5, 2022, with native species trees purchased from the EARTH University. The reforestation event will be on private conservation land in the Pacuare river basin. RAFA will ensure the seedlings are well cared for during the critical first year after planting and do annual checks on the trees as they grow.

Stay tuned for more information in January about how you can volunteer for the tree planting event!

The Global Push for Forest Protection and Carbon Offsets

At the 2021 UN climate talks in Glasgow, more than 130 countries — accounting for about 86% of the world’s forests — committed to stopping deforestation by the end of this decade. Countries also ratified a plan to implement international carbon markets, known as “Article 6” of the Paris Agreement. The market will allow countries to “buy” emissions reductions (with some exceptions and regulations) from other countries that have already cut their carbon emissions.

Carbon offsets are a way to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change by compensating for emissions made somewhere else. Most carbon offsets involve protecting forests or reforesting.

According to Conservation International, the benefits of forest-based offsets go beyond just fighting climate change — they can also help bolster local economies, protect wildlife habitats, and conserve watersheds.

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