Rafael Gallo Palomo Award

An Award for Our Rivers

Ten nominations are confirmed for the 2021 Rafael Gallo Palomo Award by the Costa Rica National Alliance of Rivers and Watersheds.

by Heriberto Valverde Castro

The Costa Rica National Alliance of Rivers and Watersheds, a volunteer-based organization that aims to defend rivers and water bodies, established an award three years ago to recognize and stimulate positive work in Costa Rica for water sources.

The award carries the name of Rafael Gallo Palomo, a man who dedicated his life to the defense of rivers in Costa Rica and who died a few months ago in March 2021. This award is given every two years; the first was presented in 2019.

A total of 10 nominations have been submitted for the jury’s scrutiny for the award’s second edition. They represent 10 high-quality projects or programs that show a huge commitment to the cause of rivers, natural resources, and the environment.

The winner of the 2021 Rafael Gallo Palomo Award: Safeguarding the Future of our Rivers will be presented on September 27, World Rivers Day.

Rafael Gallo Palomo AwardNominations for the 2021 Rafael Gallo Palomo Award

  1. The Defense Commission of the Convent and Sonador Rivers, nominated by the Socio-environmental Kiosks Program for Community Organization of the Vice-rector’s Office for Social Action of the University of Costa Rica.
  2. The Safe Point Program (Programa Punto Seguro), nominated by Dr. Gustavo Saenz Garcia.
  3. The Water Resource Protection Program, nominated by the Rural Electrification Cooperative Los Santos (COOPESANTOS).
  4. Rainwater harvesting and purification projects, nominated by the Mesoamerican Center for Sustainable Development of the Dry Tropics (CEMEDE), Chorotega Regional Headquarters, National University of Costa Rica (UNA).
  5. The Mother Green Earth Foundation (Fundación Madre Tierra Verde), nominated by Ronny Castillo Gonzales.
  6. The National Strategy for the Recovery of Urban Watersheds 2020-2030, Clean Rivers, nominated by Eng. Gabriel E. Rodríguez Castillo.
  7. The Costa Rican Red Cross, nominated by Floribeth Montes García.
  8. The Water Resources Center for Central America and the Caribbean of the National University of Costa Rica (HIDROCEC-UNA), collective nomination.
  9. The Naturbanas Routes Foundation (Fundación Rutas Naturbanas), nominated by Adrián Esquivel Martín.
  10. The Pura Vida Rivers Foundation (Fundación Ríos Pura Vida), nominated by Angelo Borja D’Ambrosio.

This story first appeared on the website for the Costa Rica National Alliance of Rivers and Watersheds.

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