About RAFA

The Rivers and Forests Alliance (RAFA)
Pacuare River Conservation Initiative 

The Rivers and Forests Alliance focuses on:

River Conservation

Protect the entire Pacuare river basin from its headwaters to the river mouth at the Caribbean Sea that it will always be a free-flowing, wild river.

Land Conservation

Purchase land for conservation. Assist private landowners with forest and watershed conservation practices.


Plant native tree species along the Pacuare River Valley, focusing on species that will restore wildlife habitats (e.g., mountain almond trees for Green Macaws). Seek out endangered tree species to plant for regeneration.

Biodiversity Protection

Preserve and regenerate regional biodiversity; expand and link biological corridors across protected lands, national parks, and indigenous reserves in the greater Pacuare/Talamanca region; stop illegal hunting/poaching through environmental education and alternative economic incentives.

Scientific Research

Promote scientific investigation in the Pacuare region, including mapping projects, and collaborate with researchers for ongoing studies to show the Pacuare river basin’s importance in Costa Rica for conservation.

Community Involvement

Partner with local communities through environmental education and other projects to protect the river, rainforest and wildlife, stop illegal hunting, engage in sustainable agriculture and ranching practices, and establish campaigns to reduce/re-use/recycle.

Regenerative Farming

Work with local farmers on regenerative/ecological practices (e.g., planting more trees on farm and ranch land for shade and watershed protection, organic farming, alternatives to pesticides/herbicides, not burning as a means to clear land or dispose of debris).

Conservation Tourism

Promote regional tourism that supports protecting biodiversity, nature, and local communities. Inspire new ecotourism businesses in bird-watching, rural tourism, homestay programs, hiking tours, wildlife photography tours, horseback riding, and cultural interactions with the indigenous Cabecar community.

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